#stdrums - Suitcase Drums & iPhone street duo. 

Suitcase Drums
street duo.

"To make streets of London into a dance floor" that's the purpose to start this activity since Aug.2014. That’s the purpose of starting this project; Jamming Drums with original backing tracks played on the iPhone. Ventured 5 times on “London street TOUR” and “Ccross-Europe tour” with UNDERGROOVELAND. Performed in many places such as under the BIG BEN and INSIDE train cars of London Underground. Performances triggered appearances in various clubs/venues, sessions with freestyle-performance group, and drumming in shakespearean theatre play.
1st CD Album all of 1085 copies sold out in one year. In March 2016 with guitarist whom I met in London, released 2nd Album “feat. Javi Perez”.

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